100+ Wedding Photo Ideas

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Wedding Photo Ideas

Heeey 🙂

The wedding day is a magical day and everyone is involved in this magic, so the bride and groom forget or do not have the opportunity to take a photo they wanted so much. We have here a list with more than 100 traditional wedding photos, if you don’t want any of these to be missing from your album, check our list and let your photographer know how essential it is for you!


  1. Haning wedding dress

  2. Hanging bridesmaid dresses

  3. Wedding Shoes

  4. Wedding ring next to engagement ring

  5. Bridal bouquet

  6. Bridesmaid bouquets

  7. Bride getting her make up done

  8. Bride getting her hair done

  9. Bridesmaid getting ready

  10. Bridal party toasting with champagne

  11. Bride with her mom

  12. Bride with maid of honor

  13. Bride with each bridesmaid

  14. Group shot of bride and bridesmaids

  15. Bride with sisters

  16. Bride with new sister-in-law

  17. Mother helping bride put on jewelry

  18. Bridesmaids zipping up bride’s dress

  19. Mother of the bride helping put on the veil

  20. Dressed bridal party

  21. Father of the bride seeing bride

  22. Father and mother of the bride

  23. Bride leaving for venue

  24. Groom tying his tie

  25. Groomsmen horsing around

  26. Groom and his parents

  27. Groom planning the boutonniere

  28. Groom with siblings

  29. Groom leving for the venue


  30. Ceremony Space

  31. Ceremony flowers

  32. Pew decorations

  33. Guests arriving

  34. Wedding program

  35. Officiant

  36. Ushers seating guests

  37. Groom’s family walking down the aisle

  38. Bride’s family walking down the aisle

  39. Groomsmen walking down the aisle

  40. Groom walking down the aisle

  41. Flower girl walking down the aisle

  42. Ring bearer walking down the aisle

  43. Bridesmaid walking down the aisle

  44. Groomsmen watching bridesmaids walk

  45. Bride and father waiting do walk out

  46. Bride and father walking down the aisle

  47. Groom’s reaction to bride

  48. Close up of bride and father

  49. Father shaking groom’s hand

  50. Bride and groom’s fist embrace

  51. Officiant beginning ceremony

  52. Bridesmaids watching ceremony

  53. Groomsmen watching ceremony

  54. Ceremony readings

  55. Bride and groom’s reaction to readings

  56. Exchange of rings

  57. First kiss

  58. Bride’s family reaction

  59. Groom’s family reaction

  60. Bride and groom walking out

  61. Bridal party recessional


  62. Bride and groom

  63. Bride with her family

  64. Bride and groom with her family

  65. Groom with his family

  66. Bride and groom with his family

  67. Bride with bridesmaids

  68. Groom with bridesmaids

  69. Groom with groomsmen

  70. Bride with groomsmen

  71. Bridesmaids and groomsmen

  72. Bride with maid of honor

  73. Groom with the Best Man

  74. Entire bridal party

  75. Bride with siblings

  76. Groom with siblings

  77. Bride and groom with siblings

  78. Bride and groom cousins

  79. Bride with extended family

  80. Groom with extended family

  81. Bride with parents

  82. Groom with parents

  83. Bride with grandparents

  84. Groom with grandparents

  85. Bride and groom with flower girl

  86. Bride and groom with ring bearer


  87. Place cards

  88. Signature drinks

  89. Wedding signage

  90. College friends

  91. High school friends

  92. Work friends

  93. Family friends

  94. Camp friends

  95. Church friends

  96. Children playing

  97. Passed appetizers

  98. Flower arrangements


  99. Centerpieces

  100. Cake

  101. Band or Dj

  102. Favors

  103. Bridal party entrances

  104. Bride and groom entrance

  105. First dance

  106. Father-daughter dance

  107. Mother son dance

  108. Best man toast

  109. Maid of honor toast

  110. Father of the bride toast

  111. Bride and groom reactions to toasts

  112. Dancing shots

  113. Bridal party candid shots

  114. Bride and groom dancing

  115. Dancing candid shots

  116. Bouquet toss

  117. Posed picture of each table

  118. Cake cutting

  119. Parents dancing

  120. Champagne toast

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