+20 Best Wedding Favors for 2021

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Wedding favors are items that demonstrate the care that the bride and groom have for their guests. The bride and groom make wedding favors to thank the guests for their presence at their big day.

There are favors for every style and budget. Download the spreadsheet for your wedding’s financial organization here

We know how difficult it is sometimes for a couple to choose their perfect wedding favor. Some couples want something that the guests will actually use, others want something creative or sustainable. We have gathered here the best ideas and we hope this can help you.


Wedding favors to eat

  • Honey

  • Cookie

  • Candies


  • Macarons


  • Smores


  • Caramel Corn


  • Olive Oil


Creative Wedding Favors

  • Kit Hangover

  • Personalized Cartoon


  • Mini Compasses



  • Tic-tac-toe


Eco wedding favors

  • Reusable straw


  • Reusable bags


  • Plants


  • Spices


Wedding favors for the comfort of the guests

  • Flip flops


  • Umbrellas


  • Scarf


  • Hand Fan


Items that guests will use after the wedding

  • Soap


  • Candle


  • Bottle Opener


  • Coasters


  • For the kids


Wedding favors to drink

  • Coffee


  • Wine


  • Beer


  • Whiskey


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