Postponing Your Wedding Here Is Your Checklist

Discover 16 steps you should have on your wedding postponement checklist: 1. Consult with key decision makers. This could mean anyone from your partner, whoever is footing the bill, and/or your wedding planner if you have one. Share with them your plans to postpone and get their feedback and support. Discuss with everyone possible new wedding dates […]

Guidance To Continue Wedding Planning During Hyper Isolation

GUIDANCE TO CONTINUE WEDDING PLANNING DURING HYPER ISOLATION With the outbreak of COVID-19, we’ve entered into an unprecedented time in our world. Travel restrictions, social distancing measures, and safer-at-home mandates have caused businesses to close, and this includes event venues and wedding vendors as well. The good news is, with technology advancements like Zoom video […]

Here Comes The Bride

TIPS TIME During the wedding planning, the bride and groom make several decisions, many details to be resolved. When everything seems to be already planned, questions arise like “which song will play at my entrance to the ceremony?” and despair begins. Stay calm! We are here to help you, as always! We have a list […]

100+ Wedding Photo Ideas

Heeey 🙂 The wedding day is a magical day and everyone is involved in this magic, so the bride and groom forget or do not have the opportunity to take a photo they wanted so much. We have here a list with more than 100 traditional wedding photos, if you don’t want any of these […]

100 Father & Dance Songs

Father and Daughter Dance Songs

TIP TIME THE BEST FATHER-DAUGHTER DANCE SONGS 1. MY LITTLE GIRL – By Tim McGraw   2. “ISN’T SHE LOVELY” – By Stevie Wonder   3. “WHEN YOU NEED ME” – By Bruce Springsteen   4. “I LOVED HER FIRST” by Heartland   5. “IN MY LIFE” – By The Beatles   6. “DADDY’S LITTLE […]

How Can You Cut Guests On Guest List?

Shall we start talking about your guest list? You decided on the wedding date, started searching for suppliers, saving Inspirational photos, until you get to the guest list and realize that the number you were thinking about may not be the same number on the list. Stay Calm, as always, we are here to help […]