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Client Experience: What We Can Do For You?


How would you like to spend your free time?

Would you like to enjoy a massage at your local day spa, play a round of golf, hang out with your family and friends or shop for your latest pair of Jimmy Choos or Christian Louboutins?

You won’t lose control of the planning process but instead I will be here to guide you. You can think of us as your collaboration partner. We’ll plan together but you will also have free time to enjoy the other things you love.  On your special day, I’m sure it will feel great to be able to relax and feel like a guest at your own celebration.

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, then we are the wedding and event planner for you and of our package is a the best fit for you.  With our services, We will serve as your partner, advocate and confidante.  We will bring to the experience a high level of resiliency, passion, patience, commitment and a seamless but detailed planning process. We've also been known to go above and beyond for our clients. It is important to note you will receive the same level of service whether you choose the full wedding experience or the wedding management collection.

We offer a complimentary “get to know you” consultation and a streamlined planning process via an online secure password protected planning program. Unlimited phone calls and emails are included for all services because open communication is important to the success of your big day. For our corporate and full wedding experience clients, we offer an unlimited number of scheduled face-to-face meetings, as needed. Because your desires differ from others, you deserve more than a “one-size fit all” approach. Therefore, your celebration will be fully designed with details that are unique to your needs.

Our collection of services will aid in planning your celebration. Here are the ways I can work with you to bring your special day to life.We merge flawlessly all logistics and management with your style. From choosing the perfect wedding vendors, design & decor to adding the final touches, we creating a memorable wedding  experience, infused with your style and vision. Our experienced wedding planners will ensure that every phase of your wedding and related events are executed perfectly. Your vision and needs are foremost, thoughtful and respectful of budgets without sacrificing your vision and all those wonderful details that make your event unique and memorable


Our Approach

Spark of Imagination

The process begins with the two of you. You bring your hopes, dreams (and fears!), wishes, and ideas to the table and we’ll help kindle a little spark that begins the planning and design process


Creative Process

At Raven Luxury Weddings & Events Toronto we know that even the most meticulously planned events fall flat if proper attention isn’t paid to aesthetics. We’re thinking about the entire sensory experience you’ll present to your guests to create the most memorable experience.

Logistical Preparation

Lots of behind-the-scenes grunt work, good ole’ fashioned elbow grease, anticipation and planning of thousands of details. Emails, phone calls, meetings, and collaboration with some of the very best creative partners and talent our industry has to offer. On average, our team devotes 400+ hours to each wedding throughout the process.


Wedding Day Production

You enjoy every single moment of the most amazing wedding you ever imagined.  We’ll take care of everything, and it’s our profound privilege and honor to do so for you. Cheers to that!

The brilliance of  Raven & here team lies in their ability to consistently incorporate her client’s individual style, while still maintaining their commitment to perfection and elegant glamour.

Kindly contact our customer care as it will always be a pleasure working for you


To get started on planning with Raven Luxury Weddings & Events, contact us at  today with details of your wedding.  

We would be delighted to celebrate with you!