Wedding Day Hair: Tips To Save Some Money Or Do It Yourself

You want to be absolutely stunning in your wedding photos, but hiring a professional hair stylist for your wedding day may be out of range for your budget. What’s a bride to do? While I was sitting in Marjorie Robinson’s (my amazing, can’t live without hairstylist), chair last week, I asked her for some advice. Here is what she suggested:

If you have a limited budget for hiring a stylist:

  • Hire one for yourself and let your bridesmaids know that she is available if they would like to use her at their expense.
  • Book your appointment at the salon on your wedding day. It is typically much more affordable to travel to the salon rather than having the stylist come to you.

If hiring someone for the wedding day is completely out of the question:

  • Make sure the stylist you normally go to is aware that you are getting married. Have her start cutting your hair in a way that will make doing your hair on your wedding day easy.
  • Stick with a simple style. It will be easier for you to manage on the wedding day and you won’t get stressed out about your hair.
  • If you have curly hair, blow it out straight and then put big curls in it with a curling iron. The curls will be less frizzy.
  • If your hair is straight, try to get steam rollers for your hair. Marjorie says the curls will last longer. Hot rollers are a close second for lasting curls.
  • Use small bobby pins or banana clips to hold your hair back.
  • Marjorie also suggested that if you want to save money on buying an expensive tiara, go to a craft store and purchase a hair comb. You can find one with rhinestones or glue some on yourself.

As with all things that I suggest to you, I will remind you that practice is the key. Make a plan for your wedding day hair so that you can grow it out, color it, or shape it in advance and try your hand at a few styles long before the wedding day arrives. The more you practice, the more relaxed you will be doing it on the big day!