Wedding Party Agenda — No Excuses For Being Late

Nearly ever time I work a wedding when we fall behind, it isn’t because of a vendor, the bride, or her family… no, it is usually because of the wedding party. Giving your wedding party an outline of the weekend is key to making sure things happen on time, and honestly I think the wedding party appreciates it as well.

Here are my top things that I include in that agenda:

1. Rehearsal Time. It is so challenging to get the entire wedding party together for the rehearsal. Everyone is busy reconnecting with old friends and having a good time that they don’t want to be interrupted. Give them advance notice as to when they are needed, and if you are really smart, the time you give them will be fifteen minutes prior to when you want them to be there.

2. Hair and Makeup Appointment time. No one wants to be first to get ready on the wedding day, so I suggest making it a bit of a party. Plan a nice, simple breakfast or lunch for the girls in your home or hotel room and have them do their hair and makeup there, all together. If you want a real treat, hire a professional to come and do everyone’s hair and makeup. You will be able to relax together and have fun while getting ready.

3. Boutonnière Time. give the groomsmen and ushers a specific meeting location and time to get their boutonnières. I suggest setting this time for no later than a half hour before photos are to begin… and adding in that extra fifteen minutes isn’t a bad idea for them as well.

4. Must Be Dressed By Time. Girls love to procrastinate putting on their dresses. They spend every last second making sure their hair and makeup are just right. Let them know they need to be dressed and ready no later than twenty minutes prior to the photographer arriving (if you are taking pre-wedding photos). When I give that time frame, the girls are usually ready by the time the photographer arrives.

5. Guest Arrival Time. I like the wedding party to be informed as to when guests will begin to arrive. It ensures the ushers will be at their places ready to seat guests and it gives the others in the wedding party a “last call” time for fixing makeup and using the restroom.

6. Post-Wedding Photo Time. Make a list of who is needed for the post wedding photos and make sure they get a copy of the time line. This will save a lot of time during the photo taking because you won’t have to track people down. The sooner the photos are done, the sooner you can join the cocktail hour.

7. Toast Time. Do your nervous best man a favor and let him know when he is going to be on stage.

8. Bouquet and Garter Time. You don’t want your wedding party in the restroom during this event!

9. Grand Exit Time. You definitely want your wedding party around to see you off.

10. Actual Event End Time. This one is a little bit selfish. If your event ends before the crack of dawn, you may want to continue the party with your close friends. If they know when the main event is over, they can get together and plan more fun at an informal “after party.”

If you provide all this information for your wedding party, they will have no excuse for being late. With everything running smoothly and on-time, there will be no excuse for you to turn into “Bridezilla!”