Wedding Day Makeup: Tips To Do It Yourself And Save Money

Makeup is another essential part of making you and your photographs beautiful on your wedding day. I truly believe that there is an inner glow that every bride gets on her wedding day that makes her beautiful. Makeup can make an already beautiful girl, gorgeous. Unfortunately, makeup in the wrong hands can make that beautiful girl, well… SCARY.

I went to my good friend and stylist for some ideas on how to “scary-proof” your wedding day makeup.

If you can allocate some of your wedding budget for a professional makeup artist:

  • Hire one for yourself and let your girls know that there is a makeup artist available for hire at each bridesmaid’s expense. (this should sound familiar if you read yesterday’s blog)
  • Set an appointment in the makeup artist’s salon. Going to the salon is often cheaper than having her come to you.
  • Go to a makeup counter in a department store. Often you can get a makeup consultation if you agree to purchase a certain amount of product. This is a great way to have a professional makeup consultation and application AND get great makeup to wear later.

If you cannot spend anything on a professional makeup artist:

  • Practice doing your makeup several times before the wedding day.
  • Make sure to wear a white shirt when you practice. Your face will look different with a white top than it would in a darker colored top. You want to make sure the makeup colors you choose look good on your skin tone with a white colored shirt.
  • When you practice, have someone take a photo of you when you complete your makeup. You want to make sure that the makeup looks good on camera.
  • The safest colors to use are earth tones. Avoid grays and dark blues on your eyes. They can be hard to blend.
  • Avoid liquid eyeliner. This can be very difficult to apply. You don’t want to end up looking like a raccoon.
  • Avoid red lipstick. It can be too harsh. Marjorie did say she might make an exception if the bride is wearing a vintage dress and has the proper skin tone.

Doing your own makeup may seem like a difficult proposition, especially if you don’t normally wear much makeup. Fear not! With a little practice and careful color selection, you will be able to transform your beautiful face into a stunning face on your wedding day.