Making The Most Out Of Your Wedding Or Engagement Portrait Session

I think photo sessions prior to the wedding day are so important. The session gives you the opportunity to get comfortable with your photographer, and he gets an idea of how you perform in front of the camera. One photographer told me that it is a great chance to see how much the bride blinks, so he knows how many of each group photo he is going to need to take!

I spoke with one of my favorite photographers.  Here are the tips he gave me (with some of my commentary as well in parenthesis).

  • Wear solid-earth tones, Patterns will detract from your faces. Also, white doesn’t work well. Wear browns, blues, blacks, and grays.
  • When shooting outside make sure you photographer schedules you early in morning or late in the afternoon. He said that the rule of thumb is to shoot within two hours after sunrise or two hours before sunset. The natural light is best then.
  • Choose a meaningful location. Before you hire your photographer, make sure he is amenable to shooting your portrait at a location that is meaningful to you. The sentimentality of the location will come through in your photographs.
  • If you are really shy, make sure your photographer knows it. He said he likes to strike up a conversation with the couple to make them feel at ease. He will start by asking about how they met, got engaged and then ease into a shooting. For those who are very shy, he stands further away and uses a zoom lens.
  • For those of you who like interaction, make sure you choose a photographer with a good personality. (Remember I always say when shopping for a photographer, you are interviewing as much for attitude as you are for talent. Even if the photographer has an amazing portfolio, if he makes you uncomfortable, keeps looking!)
  • If you are very critical of your hair and makeup, bring a friend along to help make sure you look your best. He says he would rather shoot things right in the camera the first time so he doesn’t have to go back and fix a lot of things on the computer. If that friend can help with a hair out of place or a smudge of lipstick, she is a welcome addition to the shoot. (Not all photographers feel the same about this. Make sure to discuss it with him before the photo shoot.)

I also suggest getting your hair and makeup done professionally. Make sure the stylist knows whether you are having an outdoor or indoor photo shoot and let him know what color you will be wearing.

Happy planning.