Seven Eco-Friendly Food And Beverage Choices For Your Wedding Reception

I talk with many couples about making their weddings eco-friendly. Most of them don’t think they can manage a completely “green” wedding, but they want to make some environmentally conscious wedding decisions. I think the wedding menu can be a great place to make some eco-friendly choices. Here are my favorite eco-friendly menu ideas:

  1. Choose a vegetarian or vegan menu. If you don’t want to go vegetarian all the way, choose menus where vegetables are the main feature with a small amount of protein (and make sure that protein is organic and cruelty-free).
  2. Do an organic wine bar. Consider hiring a sommelier who can educate your guests on organic wines from various regions.
  3. Use an organic liquor like Square One, or Tru. A really fun idea would be to setup a juice bar (organic fruit, of course) and have a bartender squeeze fresh juice to mix with the liquor.
  4. Go utensiless! No forks, no knives, no spoons… no use of detergents or hot water to clean them. Choose a salad bouquet which can be eaten without a fork as the start of your meal.
  5. A more simple approach is to have a plated meal. Buffets produce a lot of food waste. If the food is prepared and served based on the actual number of guests, it alleviates the need to make the extra food that is needed on the buffet. You will also have fewer dirty dishes which reduces the amount of hot water and detergent needed to clean them.
  6. Serve a locally-grown desert. Consider organic fruit that is native to your state. Like bite-size pineapple upside down cakes, miniature peach cobblers served in espresso cups, Orange Julius served in a shot glass, blueberry parfait with finely diced toppings like native walnuts. Ask your catering manager for some fun, local ideas.
  7. Serve fair or shade-grown coffee and tea. Not sure what that means? These are coffees and teas that are grown in the shade which requires fewer chemicals and fertilizer than coffee grown in the sun. Also, farmers don’t have to cut down trees to grow the shade-grown coffee. Plantations that practice fair-trade use laborers who are paid fair wages.

Happy Planning!