Wedding Day Organisation Is Key To Having A Stress Free Wedding Day

The key to having a stress-free wedding day is to keep everything organized. I maintain a ring binder (my “wedding binder”) for all of my clients. I keep all of their contracts, emails, notes, ideas and photos in it. It is wonderful to have a portable record of all our plans and all of my clients wishes.

There are lots of moving parts, lots of people involved, and lots of tiny details to iron out when it comes to planning a wedding , so organization is key to success!You'll want to make sure all your DIY projects are finished with plenty of time before the big day so you don't stress yourself out.

I think a ring binder works best because it is easy to insert and remove items as plans and ideas change. The binder is also easy to carry around for meetings and appointments.

I divide my wedding binders by category. Florist, Ceremony/Reception Site, Entertainment and Musicians, Invitaions and Accessories, Photography and Videography, Transportation and Accommodations, Correspondance, and Special Touches. The dividers make it easy to access all of the information. I also put pockets in the binder to keep fabric swatches and items in which I don’t want to punch holes. Printing out calendar pages will also keep all of your planning meetings in an easy to find location.