Avoid Bridal Attire Malfunction.

I got to be a guest! Okay, I wasn’t at a wedding. I was actually at the Bohemian Ball, a fund raiser for Hospice. We in the wedding industry here in Orlando lost a very close friend this year to pancreatic cancer Ironically, Jonathan and his family were in need of Hospice’s services just six weeks ago.

The reason for me bringing this up is that I have never seen so many wardrobe malfunctions in my life — and I was with a bunch of wedding planners! The lessons that I learned that evening may come in handy for brides when it comes to their bridal attire.

  • Rule number one: Try on your wedding dress and make sure it fits. One of my friends bought a beautiful gown. She tried it on at the store and the zipper was not acting right. She really wanted the dress and just figured that she was in a hurry and all would be fine. That is not what happened. While she was zipping her dress on the day of the ball, the zipper broke. Her wonderful boyfriend ran all the way to the mall to get her a new dress. He is a saint! She made it to the ball, a bit late and very frazzled. Trying on your dress is crucial to prevent potential bridal attire malfunctions AHEAD of time!
  • Rule number two: Try on your shoes before you leave the store. So my other friend, who is well known for her shoes, had the most fabulous pair of shoes on. Well, my dear friend didn’t try on the shoes before she left the store. She had two left shoes. We were hysterical. She made a joke of it by walking in circles to the left all night. Her feet were killing her, but she still had a good sense of humor.

None of us were walking down the aisle that night, but we still wanted to be our best. Cool heads prevailed on the day and we all had a good time. Sense of humor was key, but all could have been avoided with a bit of pre-planning.