Bridesmaids And Flower Girl Dresses: What Colors Shall I Choose?

Wedding party dresses come in tons of colors and styles. The decision of what to choose can be a bit overwhelming. Kay, who is getting married in January, sent me this question.

"Hello. I am in my mid forties & getting married (2nd time) I am wearing a long formal cream colored beaded dress. The wedding is in April at a church. Please give dress color ideas for the matron of honor, brides maid & flower girl (I had previously bought a white dress for flower girl) before I found mine. I live in the South so it is not usually very cold.

Well, Kay (and for others of you who are struggling with this decision), here are my tips for choosing your bridal party’s colors.

  1. Start with your favorite color. You want your wedding to reflect your personality and style, so think about what colors you want to see on your wedding day.
  2. Consider the overall look of your wedding. Do you want bright, dramatic colors or monochromatic, formal colors? How will your favorite color fit the look?
  3. If you feel that some of your bridesmaids may not find the color flattering, use your trusty Just Marry! color wheel to find a shade variation of your color. You may find that going slightly lighter or darker than your favorite will make your girls happier.
  4. Let them be different. There is no rule that says your bridesmaids have to dress exactly alike. Encourage them to find dresses that are variations of your favorite color. Make sure they send you a photo for your approval.
  5. I like white dresses with a splash of color to match the rest of the wedding party for the flower girl. The color can come from an underlay or a sash.
  6. As for having your flower girl in white and you in ivory, that is a personal choice. I love the way ivory and white look together.