Table Decoration For Your Wedding: Five Fab Looks That Don't Cost a Fortune

I love brainstorming with my brides on their table decor. It is so much fun bringing out their personality and style to achieve a unique look for their wedding.

Now more than ever, brides are asking me how to get the look they like without breaking the bank. Here are some tips for stunning, but cost-effective table decorations.

  • Use the standard linen that comes with your wedding package, and enhance it with a table runner. Usually, the included linen is a white poly-cotton blend (yawn), but renting a room full of specialty linens can be hundreds or thousands of dollars! Create a great look by renting chair sashes. They typically rent for under $4.00 each, but the splash of color can make a real difference in the room. 
  • Use a glass vase filled with water and float a single bloom in it. Simple and chic!
  • Put a potted orchid on each table. This is also Eco-friendly.
  • Morning and early afternoon weddings lend themselves to more casual decor. Consider decorating with fresh fruits and vegetables. 
  • Candles make beautiful table decor. There are many resources on the Internet where you can purchase glass containers of varying sizes and shapes. Mix and match styles and float the candles. They will add sparkle and romance to any room. If you want to be eco-friendly, make sure the candles are made of soy!

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