Wedding Ceremonies – Tips For Writing Your Own

Everyday couples tell me that they want to have a unique wedding. Unique is a very loft goal. Weddings are typically made up of the same things… a bride, a groom, a ceremony, guests, food, flowers, photography; how can a couple make their wedding stand out? I think the most meaningful way is to write the ceremony, or at least the vows.

Now for those of you who say, “I have never written a thing in my life, how can I start now?” Let me assure you, it isn’t as hard as it sounds. Here are some ideas to get you started:

There are many online resources and books for writing your vows. Even if you aren’t a confident writer, take a chance and put some ideas together. You may surprise yourself and your loved ones with a truly unique ceremony!

  • Keep an engagement journal. Write notes on special events (big or small). Some of those stories may make good material for your vows.
  • Ask friends to speak during the ceremony. They can use original writing or pick passages from famous poetry.
  • Start brainstorming ideas three months prior to the ceremony. Look at the ideas a couple of times a week and take out what you don’t like.
  • Two months prior to the ceremony, organize the ideas from friends and the ones you wrote into the ceremony.
  • One month prior to the ceremony, your writing should be complete. Send it to your officiant so he can practice. You should practice too so you won’t be nervous.