Wedding Disasters: What Should You Do When The Entertainment Cancels?

After planning weddings for years, I thought I had seen everything. Not so. Imagine my horror when less than twenty-four hours prior to a recent event, the leader of the band called to tell me that he, his lead singer and his drummer all had the flu and that the band would not be able to play. WHAT?! I have had to replace photographers, ministers even single musicians, but never, ever the entire band.

To make matters worse, the band was part of a very intricate production number that had been in the works for months. We were less than twenty-four hours away and not only would I need to find a new band for my client, but I would have to get that band up to speed to be able to play the production number. I was nervous. This seemed to be a non-surmountable challenge.

I let other vendors who were working for the event know what had happened. All of them started calling their contacts while I called mine. We all wanted to work together to make sure our client got the event she had hoped for.

Fortunately, the old band was able to help find a new band on such short notice. But there were a few more things to tackle. First, we insisted that the old band pay for the new band out of the funds that had been given to them for deposits. We wanted to avoid being double charged. We had the old band send an email that acknowledged that arrangement. We also negotiated compensation from the band in the form of a discount. That was sent to us via email as well.

So the financial arrangements were resolved and we had a band. The next obstacle was to catch the new band up on the routine for the day. That is when I pulled out the event agenda which included timing for all events, names of people to announce, music selections and a synopsis of the production number. The new band leader was able to read along as the event unfolded.

The band was amazing. None of the guests knew they were a last minute replacement until we told them what had happened.

The moral of the story? When it comes to your wedding day, things will go wrong. (hopefully nothing this drastic) If you hire good professionals, they will be able to help you out of any jam that comes up. Furthermore if you stay organized, should an emergency arise, you will be able to handle it smoothly and with relatively little stress.