Covid-19 VS Weddings

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Planning Your Wedding During Covid-19 – Should I postpone the wedding due to Coronavirus?

The moment can make us anxious, the important thing is to try to stay calm when planning your wedding during Covid-19. It was months of planning for many couples, who now had to rethink their plans. We will show you that it is possible to continue dreaming!

 Planning Your Wedding During Covid-19 – Should I postpone the wedding due to Coronavirus? 

Couples with defined dates for this semester must postpone the wedding. Take this time to talk to your suppliers and understand how they are facing this situation, what options they offer. Many are conducting calls online, the event market is united and available to help everyone! If you haven’t hired an event planner, it may be time to look for one. The event planner can help you reorganize everything in the best possible way, both for the experience she has and the network she has. Couples in the next semester who are afraid can talk to their suppliers and postpone their dates as well. This way, they are not anxious and get a great time to plan everything!



How to communicate the postponement to the guests?

If the invitations have already been delivered, your guests have planned for the date, so you need to notify everyone. To help you, you can hire an R.S.V.P. to call each guest and let them know. Or, if you have time and want to do this, call each one and let them know that as soon as possible, you will notify them of a new date. If you prefer to save your time, send text messages, but ask them to respond with an “ok” to let you know that everyone has been warned.

How to communicate the new date?

You don’t need to send out printed invitations again, we don’t think it’s necessary to have all that stationery cost again – unless you insist, of course.

In our opinion, you can send, by email and text, a digital art just like the original invitation with the new date or, as we suggested before, record a video to inform.

What about those who have their invitations ready, but haven’t sent them?

You should only notify those guests who have already received a formal invitation, there is no need to notify those who have not yet received anything. When you decide the new date with your suppliers, think about the best way to notify, see the costs of a new printed invitation or think about digital alternatives, it can be very creative, after all we are living in super digital times!

Keep calm, everything will be fine soon! 🙂

Use your time at home to organize your wedding, look for ideas and suppliers. If everything has already been resolved, think about your new invitation and who knows, you can help other brides-to-be!

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