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Over the years I have seen some awe inspiring do-it-yourself entertainment. It is my hope that my list of favorites will inspire you to incorporate some special DIY entertainment on your wedding day.

Bride’s six-year-old nephew plays the violin for the wedding ceremony. I’ll be honest, I was expecting a musical child prodigy, but what I got was “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star” played squeakily, over and over until the entire sixteen-person wedding party was down the aisle. It was absolutely adorable and truly memorable.

Groom plays piano for the wedding ceremony. Just before the parents’ processional, the groom took his place at the white baby grand at the front of the ballroom. He played traditional classical music for the wedding party and the bride. It was beautiful. The truly awe-inspiring moment was during the ceremony when the minister was about to start the vows, the groom went to the piano again and played a song he had written and composed just for the bride. There wasn’t a dry eye in the room.

Gregarious friend of the couple emcees wedding reception. Wouldn’t it be nice if everyone had a charming, funny and fearless close friend who could entertain wedding guests with whit and wisdom all night? Well, one of my lucky couples had just that. They were able to combine the talents of a great professional DJ who had a cadre of musical selections with a great host who really knew the couple. The reception was funny and moving and the guests danced all night.

Groom’s sister wows guests during the cocktail hour. One of my grooms had a very talented sister who wanted to give the couple a special wedding present. She gifted them her vocal and guitar talents for the cocktail hour. It was a great way to save the couple some money on entertainment while allowing the sister to enjoy the wedding reception.

These DIY moments were so successful because friends and family were able to contribute their talents without taking on so much that they weren’t able to enjoy the wedding. I really think that is the key to successfully managing wedding services given to you by family and friends. Whether it be decor or entertainment, wardrobe or photographs, you can save money by having people you are close to provide services for your wedding day, but you will save relationships by making sure those generous family and friends aren’t over committed.

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