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I love tent weddings. It is hard to find a cleaner palette for you to create the precise look you imagine for your wedding. Tents do, however, have some challenges. Here are my top five things to watch out for when renting a tent for your wedding.

  1. Do you have enough space for the tent? You need to consider that you will need enough space for the tent and the stakes that secure the tent. Make sure your tent rental company inspects your property to ensure your tent will fit properly.

  2. Do you have the right terrain for a tent? Is your yard full of hills? Do you have a stunning, old tree right in the center of your yard? If you answer yes to either of these questions, you may find hoisting a tent in your yard to be a challenge.

  3. Do you have enough of a budget to rent a tent? Tent rentals are not an inexpensive prospect. You will need to rent the structure, pay for permits; you may need flooring, heaters, air conditioners, generators for extra power, and lighting. You will most likely also need to rent tables, chairs and linens. Make sure you have a realistic idea of what the tent and all the accouterments will cost you.

  4. Do you have sufficient time for setup and breakdown? If you are hosting your wedding at home, setup time isn’t much of an issue, however, if you are renting property, you will need to find out how many hours the tent setup and breakdown will take and get it approved from your site. You may have to pay additional fees to allow for proper setup and breakdown time.

  5. Do you have enough of a budget to decorate the tent? Tents can be challenging for the very reason I love them so much. They are a blank slate. You have to fill them with decor. This can be a costly project.

If you have enough of a budget and you love the challenge of creating a wedding venue that reflects your personality and style exactly as you envision, try a tent wedding. Trust me, there is no greater satisfaction than transforming a simple tent in to an extraordinary venue.

Happy planning.

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