How Can You Cut Guests On Guest List?

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Shall we start talking about your guest list?

You decided on the wedding date, started searching for suppliers, saving Inspirational photos, until you get to the guest list and realize that the number you were thinking about may not be the same number on the list. Stay Calm, as always, we are here to help you!

Having to cut guests is a difficult mission, but essential when you need to save money, when you want to limit the number of guests and offer as much as you can for that particular number of guests or for other reasons.

Here are some criteria you can use to think about who to cut:

You already invited that person to an event and he did not attend.

  • If you are a co-worker and you have never met him outside of work.

  • If you go to this person’s events but he never goes to yours, and he doesn’t answer that he won’t.

  • If you have already met with mutual friends, but you are not close.

  • If you know that he would go only for free food and drink and would have no interest beyond that.

  • If he already married and didn’t invite you.


Think about prices. It is horrible to think that, but each person has a price at the wedding. If you add the price per person at the buffet, favors, rental of items for the table, among other expenses, you will know the “price of that person”. You must think “Is he worth that price for my special date?” I think terrible, I know, but we need reasons to cut, right?


  • First find out what the maximum number of guests your wedding venue can hold.

  • Search for previous weddings held at the wedding venue with the approximate number of guests at your wedding: See if it looks too empty or too crowded.

  • If you have not yet chosen your wedding venue, search for places that match the number of guests on your list.

If you have already cut several guests from the list, but the number is still above the ideal, use this game to help you:


Wedding Guest List


We hope these tips will help you to cut some guests off your list. Now it’s time to organize, here are more tips for the guest list.

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