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Creative Director - Published Certified Planner


A wife and a stepmother, Raven has over 10 years of experience working with different clients in the corporate and social event industry. She is certified planner and very passionate about designing, planning, and coordinating luxury weddings and special events. She loves the art of creative direction. Raven is happy with the fulfillment and challenges of her work as an event planner and feels so fortunate to be able to do what she does. 


“I’ve dedicated my time to creative direction and design. This means I’m responsible for all things aesthetic! I work with clients to cultivate a creative vision and I’m ultimately responsible for ensuring that vision comes to life in an incredible full sensory experience. I design flowers, oversee the graphic design process for all of our clients, I create space layouts; develop ideas for interior designs and outdoor design installations. When I’m not styling, designing or dreaming, I teach and speak at workshops and conferences”

I Love Shoe, Champagne, Chandelier, Fashion, Decorating, and Travelling.

Friends describe Raven as funny, full of energy, and personable. She has the ability to energize and light up a room. She is a perfectionist and pays attention to details. Raven is super passionate about wedding planning and event in Toronto and abroad.

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Planner Extraordinaire & Decor Design


Julia is happily married and a mother of a beautiful 9-year-old daughter. She has exceptional experience in Planning, Decor, and Design. Julia ran her own decor company in Brazil, and has a lot of experience in planning and designing events. 

She is exceptional at what she does, and we’re pleased to have Julia on board. Julia specializes in all facets of event planning, coordination, design, and decoration. She pays special attention to small details, and her level of client care exceeds expectations. Julia runs various design courses and workshops annually. She is full of energy for what she does. You will love her as much as we do when you meet her! 

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