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Who is Armatura Bespoke? 

In the latter part of the 15th century, Italian armorers redesigned war time wear by reshaping the steel their men would take into battle. In the 21st century, Armatura Bespoke is changing the way men think and look about what it means to wear a suit.

Derived from the Italian word for armour, Armatura Bespoke is changing the very fabric of men’s fashion. From important meetings to the most important day of your life we believe that every man needs to be equipped with all the tools necessary for success – and that starts with well-tailored cloth.

As men, we strive to find the best version of ourselves – our perfect self. There are times when that quest for perfection can seem out of reach. That is where we come in. With our attention to the details of the person, we can provide you with the perfect suit.

Our number one goal at Armatura Bespoke is to serve our customers on a deeper level. We go beyond simply putting together that perfect fitting cloth. Every step of the way, our goal is to ensure that our expertise heightens your passions and lifestyle. At Armatura Bespoke, we focus on making exceptional garments that go beyond expectations.

The groom’s experience
·       The excitement regarding attire at a wedding is traditionally associated with the bride and her wedding gown. The words “She said yes to the dress” have become as synonymous with marriage as “I do.”
·        Where does the groom fit in? Our mission is to illustrate the importance of the groom’s overall look on their wedding day – just as people focus on the design and look of a dress, the suit and all of its details should be held to the same standard.
·       Years after the wedding, we want you to look at that custom-made suit and associate it with the bliss of the that day – how things were made for you, by you.
·       The experience
o   You are not just purchasing a suit you are creating an event – curating the details of your fit, with the most important people around you, in the comfort of your four walls.
·       Remember, you are not saying “yes” to a standard look found in a generic catalogue, grooms have the opportunity to decide on every detail of this outfit, truly making it a custom experience.
·       We like to look at this purchase as an investment in you and your wardrobe (whether it is to have for future formal events, or to build in your work wardrobe)
·       This is not “just another suit” – your suit, customed to you in every way is your very own piece of art.
·       Throughout this process you are paired with a professional stylist that will guide you throughout this whole journey, helping create a perfect suit for you

Off-the-Rack Vs. Made-to-measure Vs. Armatura Bespoke 

The Reality of Off-the-Rack
Pre-maid, ready to wear, ready to go. While these suits tend to be on the cheaper side, their costs can rise depending on the materials used – often on the cheaper side as well.
We often hear phrases in the clothing business like “fits like a glove.” The reality is that this does not hold true here. These suits often require the work of a tailor after the fact to complete alterations to even resemble the shape of an individual.
The original craftsmanship of this suit has been opened up and seemed once or even multiple time which continues to deteriorate the quality of the suit.
When it comes to the choice of threads, cloth, buttons, lining suit structure and styles; you are the mercy of what was originally constructed.

Made-to-Measure or Made to You:
·       When people use the term “custom suit,” it typically falls into the category of made-to-measure. But this term can be deceiving to the average customer.
·       These suits start from a set pattern and are then customized according to an individual’s measurements and preferences.
·       Once someone picks their style, fabrics and details, your measurements are taken and your suit is created.
·       What you need to realize as an informed customer is that even after your suit is produced, it often requires the work of tailor to ensure that “perfect” fit and comfort level that individuals expect
·       You are paying for custom but in reality are simply getting a level up from the rack.

Armatura Bespoke Difference:

To understand the entity of the Armartura Bespoke experience, it is extremely important to understand the original bespoke process. A bespoke suit encompasses the process of curating a suit that is uniquely cut for you, a very specific individual. This process typically results in a series of fittings within a six month timeline and major dent in a person’s wallet.

Although, the bespoke process results in a high quality perfect suit; the cons outweigh the pros when it comes down to a prolonged timeline.

We understand that you want the customization, quality and turnaround time befitting the modern man.

The Armatura Bespoke process takes the best facets of the bespoke process eliminates any of the negatives that come with it. We make the highest standard – practical.

The Armatura Bespoke Process  
Armatura Bespoke is the definition of modern day tailoring. We have created an efficient method of maintaining the art of bespoke. True bespoke is a classic method of detailed tailoring, labour intensive work – every suit is built from scratch, tried and adjusted multiple times.

We are revolutionizing bespoke, with the Armatura Bespoke process:

·       Clients receive the opportunity of feeling the garments between their fingers and understand what it is like to have it draped on their body. They can then provide feedback on their preferences and overall comfort.
Minimal touch points allow us to provide convenience.
With thirty-six points of measurements and ten different posture points being observed, we provide our clients with a consistency never seen before. Once we have defined your cut, you can be sure that every suit moving forward will be cut to the exact pattern.
The Armatura cut. We have perfected the cut, defining an Armatura Bespoke suit as a work of art.
Luxury is defined by the cloth –  from the mills dating as far back as 1836.
The bespoke lining – we provide our clients the opportunity to have their lining designed by our in-house artist, a uniquely handcrafted process.
We educate you on the art behind our craft. The more knowledge that you possess, the more customizable your suit becomes. Your dream suit becomes a reality right before your eyes.

The Process 

1. Learn & Measure
We take time to know you, your tastes and preferences; even your hobbies will contribute to what your wardrobe needs are. While paying extra attention to your build, stance, and posture, we want your garments to be form-fitting and complimenting your physique.

2. Plan & Customize
Not only will we discuss your styling ideas for trends and fashionable pieces but even timeless classics for daily outfit requirements will all be explored.  With special occasion flare, we precisely prepare you to look your best.
We will assist in the selection of fabrics from our collection of thousands. Along with educating you on materials and best practices, we’re here to showcase how creative you can be in crafting your armor. We guide you through endless options for customizations on every aspect of a suit.

3. Trial & Production
A trial suit will be made in the meantime to allow us and you to understand how the fabric will drape to form on your body. We then finetune tailor any additional items of interest during this visual fitting before the final construction.
Superior craftsmanship is reinforced throughout the production stage. The cloth is cut from the fabric mill and passed to the tailors. Quality control enables our garments’ internal canvas to be stitched together versus glued on compared with off the rack suits (after a few dry cleans, fused suits begin to display a ripple).

4. Delivery & Styling
Diligently waiting for your items during this period takes approximately X weeks. You can expect an Armatura stylist to personally deliver and suit you up for styling. Final alterations should not be necessary for the majority of the time. However, should there be a need for any adjustments, we will have them completed flawlessly and timely.
We inform you on aftercare instructions and perhaps even the shoes that make you look your sharpest. Future orders can now be completed in 3 weeks. You should expect a perfect fit, pending no major changes in your physique.
Where luxury meets convenience in building out your future wardrobe, Armatura Bespoke is by your side.

Wedding Groom Trends:

“Hello Velvet” : For men tying the knot between October and March, velvet is a increasingly popular option. There are numerous colour options of velvet jackets that pair perfectly with black pants for that chic yet classic look.

“Jewel Tones”: For men interested in a twist on tradition, vibrant groom wedding attire colour options are a great option. Rich colours like burgundy, maroon, and forest green all add that modern edge to suit or tux. Your jewel tone is that statement piece for your biggest day.

“Playful Tie Patterns”: When it comes to incorporating pattern many grooms are choosing to be a bit more daring. Florals, Pin-Dot , stripes and a combination of the three are becoming increasingly popular. While solid, more neutral tie colours are still the more optimal choice, couples are choosing a bold and fun tie to define their wedding style or theme.

“Contrast Vests”: The mix and match of the wedding tux has come on as of late. Many grooms are choosing a textured grey vest as a compliment to the navy suit to complete the ensemble.

“The Classic Navy”: The classics will and continue to go strong and Navy is a popular option. The colour tone of Navy gives you that formal look but can also easily be styled for a rustic wedding. In addition, the navy blue tuxedo is highly requested look. The style options are endless, whether it’s a black lapel or all navy, it’s a very modern style option while still bringing that class that men are looking for.

“The James Bond”: Standing the test of time is that perfect black tuxedo with a crisp white shirt, accompanied by a beautiful black bowtie. The James Bond is always a great option, a photographers best friend this ensemble will look great in pictures at your 50th wedding anniversary.

The Armatura Groom Custom-Lining Experience:

One of the unique experiences here at Armatura is designing your very own custom lining. With the help of our in-house graphic designer, we take the opportunity to understand what is truly meaningful to you and bring it to life on the inner lining of your suit/tuxedo.

Whether it be your favorite sports icon/team, landscape backdrop, childhood memory or even engagement photos…we bring that idea to to print!

The Science of Fit:
Armatura Bespoke prides itself when it comes to fit, a suit is not complete unless it compliments someone’s body. When deciding on a suit there are guidelines to help you make the right decision. Below are best practices to follow when wearing a suit (Please note the best way to analyze the fit is when you are standing in a standing natural position).

The Jacket

The Shoulder
●      The shoulder is one of the most important elements of the construction of the suit. You want to make sure the shoulders lie flat and they do not create any dimples where your shoulder and arm meet
The Jacket Closure
·       Unless you have a one button Tuxedo jacket you will always leave the last button undone. The jacket shouldn’t be pulling at the button too aggressively where it creates a very noticeable “x” shape. This is a signal it is too tight. If you can fit more than your whole hand in between you and the jacket it is sign that it is too big.
Sleeve Length
·       It  should fall where your thumb bone meets your wrist. The dress shirt should show at least 1cm, this is an essential element of modern gentleman styling
Jacket Length
·       this is a topic discussion that has many different perspectives, the traditional length is to have it inline with your knuckles. A more modern cut will slightly shorter than this.
Jacket Collar
The collar should sit well against your dress shirt, it should not stand away or bunch around the back

Dress Shirt
·       Dress shirt should compliment the way your suit fits from the previous recommendations. Ensure the sleeve length and shirt length are longer so you can showcase your shirt cuffs and also have enough fabric to tuck into your pants.
·       It should be comfortable but not too baggy where the fabric bunches in the front

●      It Should fit perfectly around your waist with no need for a belt to hold them up
●      They should be worn higher than jean and should be around your hipbone area.
●      The seat of your pants should lightly hug your bottom and not feel tight. If it feels like you will split your pant it is too small for you. If there is extra fabric bunching around this area it means it is too loose.
●      The modern gentleman should have slightly more tapered bottom which allows the fabric to contour nicely around your leg/calves without restricting movement.
●      The hem of the pant is a preference that is highly discussed. Having a slight break is always a safe length (the fabric drapes slightly over the shoe). The modern look would normally have hem fall right on top of the shoe.

Shoes – Suit or Tuxedo
·       For a traditional suit its best to go for something that is leather or suede, the safest colours are brown and black since they go with so many styles of suits. A rule of thumb is for winter and nighttime events, it is better to go dark and for daytime and summer weddings it’s better go lighter
Tuxedos are a  more formal look; black shoes are your best friends to pair with your outfit. Going for a nice leather shoe that has a bit of sheen will help elevate the overall look without commanding too much attention. Alternatively, for the more fashion forward gentleman, wearing a rich velvet loafer with no show socks can really show your confidence and style.
The Armoury – Fabric Selection
●      Stylbiella – is a fabric mill started by Piero Perino in 1975. For many years they have only been available in Italy, but we are one of the few companies that offer it outside of Europe. They are really well known for eye catching patterns and colours.
●      Marzoni – Marzoni is one of the finest fabric suppliers in the industry, as all of the fabrics are produced exclusively in Italy and feature a wide range of colors and designs. Each year Marzoni produces more than 500 new designs in order to always ensure an adventurous experience for the customer.
●      Vitale Barberis Canonico is a fabric mill from Biella in northern Italy, the epicenter of Italian wool production. With over three centuries of documented history, and a reputation for comfort, character and quality. One of the top Fabric brands in the world
●      Holland and Sherry – a historically significant mill based on Savile Row in London. They are constantly engaged in research for more luxurious fibers and fabric qualities, sourcing the finest natural fibers,
●      Zegna – The finest sartorial traditions meet the best of Italian textiles. Founded in 1910 by Ermenegildo, the company is now ran by the third generation of the Zegna family. One of the greatest manufacturers of fine fabrics in the world and actively involved in promoting improvements in the wool industry the world over. 100% Made in Italy tradition and innovation.
During its 170 years of history, Dormeuil has been producing the finest fabrics on the planet, blending timeless British elegance with a touch of French chic. With an undoubtable reputation, Dormeuil is the choice of kings, presidents, Hollywood stars and connoisseurs from all over the world

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