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With wedding budgets decreasing, I have noticed anxiety increasing over things to cut from the wedding. Many think that cutting the wedding favors is a good way to help maintain the bottom line, but before you strike them from your budget, here are ten inexpensive options you may want to think about for your wedding favors.

  1. Find a cookie cutter that matches your theme. Print your favorite cookie recipe on a nice card and attach it to the cutter with a ribbon that matches your wedding colors.

  2. Purchase a packet of seedlings from your local nursery or hardware store, put the envelope in a terra cotta pot, wrap in tulle and tie with a ribbon that matches your wedding colors. Enclose a nice thank you note for attending the wedding.

  3. Go to a dollar store, purchase little class containers and fill the jars with candies that match your wedding colors.

  4. Purchase a little container of bath salts from the dollar store and attach a card with five romantic/relaxing ideas for an evening at home.

  5. Donate $1.00 per guest to your favorite charity and put a note on each table explaining why you made the donation to that particular cause.

  6. Build your centerpiece out of potted plants (one per couple seated at the table) and have the DJ announce that guests should take the plants home and plant in their gardens. You will save money on your centerpieces and favors!

  7. Personalize a Christmas ornament to match your wedding theme and give to each guest.

  8. Present each guest with a slice of wedding cake in a box to take home.

  9. Purchase romantic movies off the discount movie rack, tie a package of microwave popcorn to the movie. Put it at every other place setting with instructions to have a relaxing/romantic evening at home.

  10. Purchase inexpensive tea cups and put tea bags in each cup, wrap with tulle and a ribbon.

    Happy Planning!

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