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Here at Raven Luxury Weddings & Events, we host the most elegant and colorful Weddings, which gives couples that beautiful touch and glamour needed on their special day.

Raven Luxury Weddings & Events Inc. Toronto is a wedding planner specialized in full wedding coordination, day of coordination to destination weddings, our talented certified wedding planners and event planners will provide everything you need to bring your vision to life.  We offer customers the most Elegant, memorable, and majestic moments of weddings and other Events, we make sure that you archive that long-awaited wedding and events come into reality.

Our firm is situated in Toronto as one of the top leading wedding planners, then look no further because at Raven Luxury we offer you the best planning service at affordable price, Here at Raven Luxury, we believe nothing is too big for our esteem customers. Come to us let's design the wedding and event of your dream. Our hard work and professionalism have allowed us to work with a wide array of clients both in local and international. Our imagination and professionalism have no limits which have risen Us above all competitors. We offer you the best proposal planning, coordinated and executed full wedding plan, award-winning events and Conference.

We have obtained some significant achievements as one of the best wedding planning company in Toronto and its environments when it’s come to wedding and events planning. We hold our beloved customers in high esteem and provide them with a unique service which is tailored out to suit your exact requirements.  Expecting all manner of memorable weddings and events we work in partnership with some of the best hands when it comes to giving you the much-needed glamour.  Most of Our clients have busy and demanding lives, so our role is not only to reduce the stress that comes with planning a wedding event. We at Raven Luxury Weddings & Events  allow clients to enjoy the process from start to finish. We are passionate about luxury weddings, and we will go to extreme lengths to perfect your dream event. We maintain a hands-on personal approach and only accepts a limited number of wedding/event from customers, this enables us to provide you an excellent dedication to create a show-stopping wedding.

Raven Luxury Weddings & Events Inc. is amazing planning and coordination if you just need someone to execute your big day,  is just your perfect choice when it comes to wedding planning in Toronto, its involves offering you the most elegant and stress-free wedding planning experience possible. In giving you and your loved ones the dream weddings, you’ve always wished for, Raven employs her extensive experience, knowledge, and attention to details from the many weddings she’s worked on, an extensive network of wedding vendors in and around Toronto, and a keen aptitude for coordinating large weddings. On that note, Raven Luxury offers month-of wedding coordination, full wedding planning and any level of preparation needed in between, all to ensure that your most special day goes just as perfectly planned. With Raven Luxury Weddings & Events  on hand, you and your loved ones can truly relax and enjoy your wedding day celebration while she brings your brightest and most spectacular visions to life.

As a professional emcee as well, Raven Luxury knows the in-and-outs of being a master of ceremonies for many events. Learning from experience, we have honed lots of skills in maintaining the flow of the wedding reception, keeping everything running smoothly and ensuring that your dream event can truly come to life. Having our company as your wedding emcee is truly an asset for you and your loved ones, as her services can ensure you peace-of-mind in knowing that your wedding will be the very best it could be.

We are all about the details. From the moments, your guests receive their save the dates, to the food, service, music, and design choices, we want your celebration to touch on all of the senses

A true visionary, Raven Luxury Weddings & Events in Toronto have become the benchmarks of a growing industry. With creative panache and exceptional brilliance. Raven and team consistently deliver memorable events, intimate to immense, each exceptional and sensational. It is this approach that has led publications such as Elegant WeddingBelle The MagazineGlam & Grace, Aisle SocietyKnotsvilla,


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Wedding can be celebrated anywhere, from a grassy lakefront lawn to the mountaintop, At Raven Luxury Weddings & Events Toronto, we have the creative ideas and experience to assist you in making your dream wedding a reality.  We strive to have your jaw drop when you enter, that's when we know we've done our jobs. Learn More


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Event Design, Theme Decor, Guidance & Checklist.  Give us an idea of what you want and we can find you the location of your dreams, beautiful fresh  flowers if needed, design the  invitations and hire the band. No stone is left unturned and you will feel completely at ease knowing everything is handled with no sweat off your brow! Learn More


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All of your details are coming together and you love planning your own wedding but you need assist with the execution day of.  You just want to be sure the every detail is covered so you are present at your celebration and not stressed on the day of!   We got you covered.  Learn More

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Michelle & Antone

"Money worth spending!. I would hire Raven in a heartbeat again. Hired her for my wedding last September 2016 it took away stress of planning and finding the time to do all the time running around between my work schedule. Raven was detailed with asking me what I invisioned for my day. I liked that we could communicate by email and text as well not having to always meet in  person  helped since my job keeps me busy. She would email and text me pictures of flowers decor and I could pick on the spot which was amazing . Anyone who is on the fence about hiring a wedding planner thinking you can do it all on your own, just hire Raven Luxury Weddings & Events  you can actually enjoy the process and the wedding day a lot more". Thanks Raven!